Featuring the talented past and present membership of the Celtic Arts Center
playing traditional celtic and celtic inspired music.
Now highlighting the many celtic inspired musicians in Southern California!


Click on a link below, or copy and paste or type one of the addresses below into the "Open URL" or "Open Stream" command of your player. The 96kbps and 80kbps are recommended for broadband access, and the 24kbps and 16kbps are recommended for dial-up connections.

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To listen use a player like iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp, and Real Player
with a connection to the internet.

Currently on the playlist:

Áedan MacDonnell
Awakening Queen Maebh
The Fenians
Finn MacCool
Fyre Skye
Highland Sun
Kris Colt

Mairéid Sullivan
Marston Smith
Moira Smiley
Sligo Rags
Stand Easy
Stephanie Bennett
Twilight Lords
Wicked Tinkers
Yavonne Dearth

The Browne Sisters And George Cavanaugh
Susan Craig Winsberg
Excerpts of Brian McCole’s production of “The Legend of Finn McCool” 
An Cór Ceilteach: The Celtic Arts Center Choir 

Additional music by: An Fíor-Bhlas/Leah Healy, Becky Bishop,
Chris Murphy, Culann's Hounds, Dillon O'Brian,
Jenn MacNamara-Mahoney, and Paint A Rose

The new streams are live with new software, hardware, and operating system. The LAME encoder was used to get the best sound from the MP3 format and the new server software now includes the artist, album, and track name in the stream. The low bit-rate streams, particularly, have greatly improved sound quality. And again (2-11-07) the sound quality of the 24-bit stream has been improved even more!

A problem with the stream occasionally having trouble staying connected was traced to the network setting of optionally using "IPv6" when a connection is made (Feb. 10, '07). The "Configure IPv6:" setting has been changed to "Off" rather than "Automatic" on the server. A more reliable connection can be had by the listener by also making this setting "Off" on their own computer.
Ask your geeky friends how to do this if you need. ;-)

Please address questions and comments to the DJ.
Thanks for listening!

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